RIP Adrienne Rich

 “It’s such a portable art, for one thing; it travels. And it is made of this common medium, language. Through its very being, poetry expresses messages beyond the words it is contained in; it speaks of our desire; it reminds us of what we lack, of our need, and of our hungers. It keeps us dissatisfied. In that sense, it can be very, very subversive.”

Lauren and I will be blogging about our own experiences reading and teaching Adrienne Rich later this week. For now:

the NYT obit

a thoughtful interview from 1994



2 responses to “RIP Adrienne Rich

  1. I was talking to Brian about AR this morning: we met in a seminar in which we read a lot of Rich, so her work is tied up in my beginnings as a feminist, a wife, a Mom, etc etc.

    • I taught a couple poems from Diving Into the Wreck in the first womens lit class I taught. It was an incredible experience for me- and I teach Compulsory Heterosexuality in my feminist theory classes. Her work is wrapped through every facet of my feminist identity. I can’t wait to read your post 🙂

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