Fresh Beats, Gators, Surrender

So I didn’t do much (okay, any) writing last week. But I promise, I wasn’t slacking!

What I did:

1.)    turned in my grades

2.)    spent 2 days in professional development seminars

3.)    went to my nephew’s track meet

4.)    planted lime basil seeds

5.)    hung out with my sister and her new baby

6.)    cheered for the otters at the zoo

7.)    cheered for Margeaux when she stood up for the first time

8.)    bought a new round squishy ottoman so Margeaux has a safe place to stand up

9.)    taught D and Lucy how to use a lint brush so they can clean the cat hair off the new ottoman

10.) chased the cat around to squirt peroxide on his gross open wounds twice a day

11.) vowed to never let the cat outside again

12.) drove across town to the preschool to convince Dorothy that she really cannot continue to barricade herself in the bathroom and actually needs to just put on the change of clothes from her backpack even though it’s a dolphin t-shirt and not a sundress

13.)  bought groceries

14.)  listened to the Fresh Beat Band CD 10,457 times

15.) mopped the kitchen floor twice

16.)  let my girls listen to most of License to Ill (RIP MCA)

17.) organized all the art supplies

18.)  had a throw down shouting match with T about Octomom getting a $450 haircut

19.) danced my ass off with my best friend since junior high at an 80s cover band concert

20.) had this awesome conversation:

Mom, we will need to get a new toilet soon.

Why would we need a new toilet?

Because this one will be full.

Oh. But the toilet doesn’t get full—when you flush, the water and the poop go down the pipes and the pipes go out of our house and under the street all the way to a place called the water treatment plant where the water gets clean.

All the pipes go there?


Is that where the alligators live?

Um, no? Remember, we don’t have alligators in Michigan.

Oh yeah. They’re just in Florida, and LA?

What I learned:

1.)    It’s incredibly freeing to only care about my students’ grades as much as they care about their grades.

2.)    Lint brush + preschoolers = 45 minutes of quiet time for mom.

3.)    I need to teach Dorothy how to surrender gracefully instead of digging in to a conflict she can’t win (re: dolphin t-shirt).

4.)    I need to practice that same lesson (re: Octomom haircut).

5.)    We have too many crayons, not enough markers, and enough stickers to wallpaper the Western hemisphere.

6.)    It is possible to feel deep sadness while shouting “You gotta fight! For your right! TO PAAARRRRTTTTYYY!”

7.)  There is something deeply satisfying about imagining alligators swimming through pipes under LA.

8.)  A week without writing feels oddly unproductive, no matter what else fills my days. And the days will fill themselves and slip away, whether or not I make time for what I need or want.

10 responses to “Fresh Beats, Gators, Surrender

  1. If you eat out with any degree of frequency (I didn’t think we did that often, but…) you’ll find the sets of three crayons restaurants often provide with the kids’ menu breed rampantly, resulting in insane numbers of primary-colored crayons. Do you think it’s too late to plant basil from seed if I start it this week instead of last?

    • Restaurant crayons multiply like bunnies! And I am draconian about throwing away markers if the top is lost, so our crayon supply steadily increases, and our marker supply dwindles. Fortunately, my girls are not choosy.
      I’m actually probably too early with the basil seeds, but the girls are so eager to start planting things that I figured we’d throw them in the pots and see what happens. Next week, week after, June even. Basil likes heat.

      • Jen, here’s a quasi-Pinteresty solution to dried out markers. Instead of throwing them away, store them in a mason jar (or something, so they won’t make a mess). Then, give the girls little trays with water and use the markers like watercolors. You’d be amazed at how much color you can get out of a dessicated marker. This is what our hippie daycare does with markers. They use jar lids for water trays.

  2. We don’t even buy crayons anymore. Our kids no likey! We need to go through our supplies, too: we used to have great organization in our art drawers, but now it’s just a mass of papers and paper scraps and markers with all the wrong lids.

  3. I can’t wait to buy a lint brush.

    • Buy one for each kid. Truly, it’s awesome. They think it’s super fun, and it’s a cleaning task they can actually overachieve at, unlike most of the things they “help” with.

  4. I *wish* there were alligators in Boston’s sewers. The residents of LA and Florida don’t know how lucky they are.

  5. It also seems to me like this would largely solve the problem of sewer rats, right? Alligators for everyone!

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