Fairy Garden Pinterest Challenge Complete!

Hey, remember when we did the breakthrough to 4k giveaway? Renee won the Pin Us To It Pinterest challenge, and she chose this fabulous fairy garden project for Lauren and I to complete.

Lauren and I are both ambivalent about Pinterest, though I have had some successes with recipes and art projects. I decided to use the concept of the fairy garden without following the instructions too literally. The girls LOVED this project.

We went to the greenhouse and bought entirely too many plants. (This is how most of my garden projects start.) The girls talked a lot about what colors fairies liked, what the fairies would use the different plants for (a ladder! a slide! a cup!), and told everyone in earshot all about our project. A small girl named Jade began following us around and talking about the fairy garden she was going to plant (Sorry Jade’s Mom!). We also bought a small solar light, a couple of tiny bright colored pots to use as mountains, and splurged on a fairy door . It turns out there are many adorable but overpriced accessories for fairy gardens, but the girls were so focused on the plants and the door they didn’t notice the display of teensy stepping stones and itty bitty trellisses. I liked the idea of moss, but couldn’t find any in flats. I did buy a sweet purplish ground cover that I separated into three pieces so we could plant some in the top pot and some near the beach.

In the garden, I pulled together a group of pots and found a birdbath that had cracked during the winter, a pretty hummingbird feeder without a stopper, and some rocks left over from a previous landscaping project. The girls decided to use half of the birdbath for a wall and half for a beach.


Should the mountains go here?

As garden projects go, this one was fairly easy. The girls decided what plants to put where, imagining how the fairies would experience the landscape: will the fairies get lost in the polka dot jungle?

We planted and watered, then the girls used rocks to make paths. I created a rock border around the outside to differentiate the fairy garden space from the mulch in the rest of the garden paths and seating area.

D watering the plants.

Largest pot: lots of features for fairies to explore.

Finally, we added the door and the “fairy magic refill station.”

The solar light and mountain are peeking up from behind the door. D wanted to be sure the fairies would find the door in the dark.

Let’s say you’re a fairy, and you need to refill your magic. COME TO OUR BACKYARD. THE LIGHT IS ON.

Renee, I hope this lives up to your expectations. Lauren, you’re up next!

I will update in a few weeks when the plants have filled in a little more.

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