Who We Are

Mama Nervosa is Jen & Lauren, two overeducated Moms who talk about making the most out of messy and unpredictable adulthood. Ex-grad students and underemployed wannabe writers, Jen and Lauren are adamantly not “mommy” or “lifestyle” bloggers. We write on diverse topics, from raising daughters to being jam band groupies to growing up in the Bible belt. We are trying to make sense of how we landed in our thirties without a paddle, and account for our attempts to move forward in meaningful ways. All that sounds really serious, but we aim to amuse with every post.

Image Credit: WackyStuff @ Flickr.com

Guest Posts & Book Reviews

Mama Nervosa is interested in guest posts from other bloggers who write with honesty and humor on similar topics. We’re also happy to do book reviews on similar issues, especially from other mothers/bloggers/ex-academics. Read our archive and see if you think it would be a good fit. Drop us an email with a short proposal: lauren@mamanervosa.com or jen@mamanervosa.com

Commenting Policy

We love hearing from readers and are open for discussion and debate on any of the topics we write about. We are totally open to the possibility that we are wrong about something, or haven’t looked at it from every angle. However, we do not tolerate insults, degradation, ad hominem attacks, or discrimination in any form. We reserve the right to delete or block comments in those circumstances, or comments that are spammy. Be respectful and open-minded, and so will we.

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