“Boobs and humor,” raves local man.

“I just wanna say thanks for a real good semester, and I really appreciate you making my first one fun (and challenging.) Dont think im sending this to all my teachers cuz I strongly dislike most of them…” University of Iowa Student Evaluation

Lauren: mother, teacher, writer, recovering academic.

She spent her formative years in Tulsa, OK — the buckle of the Bible belt — but has lived most of her life here and there in the American heartland. She has a BS in English Education and attempted, twice, to complete PhD programs at the University of Iowa (and left, twice, with Master’s degrees in American Studies and English Education).

Lauren started Mama Nervosa in 2012 to document life after grad school; talk about motherhood, music, and pop culture; and write a funny memoir. She lives in a small town in Iowa with two young daughters, her husband, and two poofy gray cats.


Lauren can be reached at

3 responses to “Lauren

  1. A pleasure to meet you. We have lots in common – masters in lit, kids, boobs and humour

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