Grad School Quittas

Maybe you quit grad school, or you’re thinking about it. Maybe you found us by googling some variation of “I want to quit grad school but I am afraid/I have no job/how do I tell my wife/I want my spouse to quit.”

Join the club.

Mama Nervosa was started by Jen and Lauren, grad school quittas extraordinaire, and while we knew that we had struggled to come to terms with our own decisions to leave, we had NO IDEA how many other lost souls were out there, grappling with post-academic uncertainty.

So pull up a chair, and hang out for a while. We’ve got stories to share. Links to our GSQ Greatest Hits posts are below; eventually, we’d like to make space for others (you!) to share stories and experiences here as well.

Let’s say you quit, and you have 2 small children. What do you do next? Play Candyland? Get a job? Where will the money come from to lay off those student loans? Lauren is Asking Big Questions.

What actually happens when you quit and start telling people about that decision? Lauren breaks it down in What to Expect When You’re Quitting.

Lauren talks about the bad habits (obsessive googling and other forms of online time-wasting, natch) she learned in grad school, and her quest to live in the moment and do the dishes, in Radical Thing-Doing and the Opposite Rule.

Jen left grad school ABD; she writes about how she came to that decision, and her surprise in realizing that really, no one cares, in This Blog Has Been Created Entirely By Grad School Quittas.

On the off chance that you still have time to say no to that PhD program, Lauren offers advice on what to do instead in 4 Roads Not Traveled.

In Out With A Bang, Lauren shares the epic prank her husband pulled when he left his PhD program, and contemplates how she will say her goodbyes.

In Google Diaries: We Know You Quit Grad School, Jen writes about what she’s done in the 8 years since she left a PhD program, and how she figured out what to say about herself and her experiences in non-academic job interviews.

In Moving Out of My Grad School Office, Lauren says farewell to some memorable bathroom graffiti, and explores the ways the spaces we work in shape our experiences and identities in grad school.

In “Let’s Talk About Debt” (Part 1 and Part 2), Lauren takes on the issue of student loan debt: why so many of us accrued so much debt along the way, and why those choices seemed perfectly reasonable in the context of the grad school economy. Part 3 discusses the hard consequences of debt on the rest of your life.

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