Mother, feminist, gardener, part-time professor, makes a mean black bean chili.

Jen is solidly Midwestern: born and raised in the Mitten, BA from Kalamazoo College in psychology, MA from The University of Iowa in Women’s Studies, currently teaching at GVSU.

Jen and her partner are raising 3 daughters: a kindergartener, a preschooler, and a toddler, last we checked. It gets a little crazy around here, and they grow quickly.

Jen with Dorothy and Lucy

Jen writes more than she expected to about parenting, and less than she expected to about pop culture, though she dreams of having enough writing time to do both.


One response to “Jen

  1. Hi Jen, I found your blog from your comment on Ms. Blog. I’m wondering if you’re interested in something and I’d like to email you about it….can’t find your contact on this site!

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