Mama Nervosa is within striking distance of 4,000 hits. That’s 3999 more than we really expected to get ever, and certainly not in six weeks. We want to see that ticker click over to 4,000 something fierce, so all week, we’re doing a post-tastic writing extravaganza with the bonus of our first ever GIVEAWAY when we finally join the golden 4k Hits Bloggers Club, where we expect full pool privileges and free massages are standard. Every day, we’ll post a new essay or chat, and in the meantime, we ask for a little help from our readers to help us grow.


Our first giveaway has not one but THREE FANTASTIC PRIZE OPTIONS for our participants.

Prize One:

This Kick Ass Kid-At-Heart Kit is BSC balm for your grown up crankies. Filled with joyful surprises and not a few Lisa Frank stickers, we promise this kit will be stuffed with all kinds of goodies that will bring a little light into your life, including BSC stuff you didn’t even knew existed. You know you want this.

Prize Two:

Something on your mind? Are you dying to hear our witty take on the zombie apocalypse, Twilight, or swinging? The Chat Boss prize lets you determine our chat topic for the first week of May. If you’re really nice, you might even get to participate.

Prize Three:

I know you’re dying to see me make some rainbow cupcakes, or to see Jen’s massive owl craft fail in person. If you win this prize, you pick the pin and we have to follow through. Bring on the herbed grilled focaccia whatsit and the elaborate cake decorations! Force me to make my garage look nice! Whatever! We will each complete the pin project of your choice and share our experience on the blog.


TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY do one (or all) of the following things:

  • FOLLOW us on twitter
  • FOLLOW us on wordpress (button on the right)
  • LIKE us on facebook
  • SHARE us on your wall on facebook

Then, COMMENT below and let us know what you did so we can enter you in the drawing up to 4 times total (for each social media thingy you do for us). The sooner we hit 4k, the sooner we’ll draw the winners. Our goal is 4k in 7 days. (If you don’t comment, we won’t be able to do all the tracking. Please comment.)

And stay tuned for a whole lotta Nervosa this week.

41 responses to “4K OR BUST!

  1. I followed on wordpress, already liked on facebook, and you’re on my wall. 🙂

  2. I’m following you here on WordPress, I like you on Facebook and I shared you on Facebook! 🙂

  3. Melissa Hutchinson

    Already liked on facebook and shared you on Facebook! If I was only on twitter, but my life just isn’t that interesting ;).

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  5. Lindsey Dorman

    I like you on Facebook! Am starting to research Pinterest projects for you…..

  6. I liked you on Facebook and followed you on Twitter.

  7. Followed you on Facebook. Never check my Twitter. Great blog!

  8. followed on wordpress (i think… kinda out of practice on wordpress), like y’all on fb already, and would follow mama nervosa on pinterest if i could! (hint, hint!)

  9. Already liked you on Facebook and shared on my wall!

  10. I have now liked you on my FB, so it’s official!

  11. i win! whorishly promoting you EVERYWHERE. too bad i bailed on pinterest. i might make a few calls, though. and i told some co-workers. and slipped a handbill to a couple students at the cafeteria tonight. and i wheatpasted that shit on the telephone pole across the street from my house.

    • Yeah wheat paste! Maybe I’ll start a sidewalk chalk awareness campaign. Brings me right back to my undergrad activist days…

  12. I follow you on WordPress and now on Twitter. Don’t have an emmycooks FB page but will consider whether it is worth subjecting myself for the stickers. 🙂

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  14. Love your blog, Lauren! Only one I regularly follow, but don’t tell my other friends with blogs that! I liked you on FB.

  15. So, I can’t believe I hadn’t yet “liked” Mama Nervosa! But I did today and totally posted a plug for you on my wall. 🙂

  16. I liked, and shared, and followed you 🙂

  17. I came back to make sure I hadn’t missed the 4k celebration… I totally want to win one of the fabulous prizes! I’ve been directing new moms your way all week. 🙂

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  20. Following you all over the place.

  21. I liked you on Facebook!

  22. I did all 4 things! I feel all stalker-y now. 😉

  23. Puja Master Turner

    I did 3 things — Liked you on FB, shared you on my wall, and now following you on WordPress. Yippee!

  24. I follow you on twitter and like you on Facebook (and in real life)

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